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Anherb Natural

Anherb Diwali Gift Hamper For A Beautiful You

Presenting a specialized hamper of beauty and grooming products tailored for the Diwali season. The "8-in-1 Diwali Combo" containing the “Oil Defence Skin Regime” is thoughtfully crafted to elevate your beauty and shield your skin from festive stress and pollution, maintaining your radiant glow. The "Everything Hair Care Collection" offers ultimate hair nourishment and strength through botanical wonders. Our standout product, "The Premium After-Shave Conditioner," enriched with Asian sandalwood and Vitamin E, provides an alcohol-free, superior post-shave experience. These products cater to specific Diwali beauty and grooming needs, emphasizing natural ingredients for nourishment and protection.
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What's inside

• Facial Cleanser – Enriched with AHAs from wild Strawberries, it is tailored for oily and combination skin. AHA Exfoliates, revealing fresh skin, while gel formula gently cleanses excess sebum ad unclogs pores.
• Facial Scrub – Enriched with Turkish Raspberry and Himalayan Sweet Cherry, offers gene exfoliation, and promotes a smoother, clearer complexion.
• Facial Mask – Enriched with European Olives and Californian Almonds, provides natural salicylic acid for deep cleansing providing nourishment and soothing effect.
• Facial Toner – Infused with Asian Cinnamon and Ginger, it synergistically tightens visible pores, regulates inflammation and restores balance.
• Moisturizer- It addresses the concerns by offering a daily lightweight and non-greasy solution.
• Everything Shampoo – Enriched with a powerful fusion of Olive, Amla, Shikakai, Neem and Aloe Vera, provides ultimate nourishment and strength.
• Everything Conditioner + Mask – This innovate product is a two-in-one wonder, designed to transform your haircare routine. The formula serves as a rejuvenating conditioner and a deeply nourishing hair mask.
• After Shave Conditioner – Enriched with the richness of Asian Sandalwood and Vitamin E. This alcohol free formulation is designed to provide a superior post shave experience.


Oil Defence Skin Regime
• Regulates Sebum
• Minimize pores
• Clears and balances completion

Everything Hair Care Combo
• Weightless nourishment
• Hydrate and repair
• Revitalize and soften
• Reduces fizz and adds bounce
• Strengthening

After Shave Conditioner
• Restores Skin
• Captivating Aroma Calming & soothing
• Reduces Redness and Bumps

    Anherb Diwali Gift Hamper For A Beautiful You
    Anherb Diwali Gift Hamper For A Beautiful You
    Anherb Diwali Gift Hamper For A Beautiful You
    Anherb Diwali Gift Hamper For A Beautiful You
    Anherb Diwali Gift Hamper For A Beautiful You

    Skincare Experts Since 95’

    We at Anherb Natural believe in mastering the art of skin & hair care by using the power of cutting-edge science, technology & nature. With over 27 years of experience in the skincare sector, Anherb Natural is a quality-driven, premium brand that specialises in creating cutting-edge products that are distinctive but natural and give the benefits that are promised. 

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