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Instant Fairness Facial Kit - 5x50gm

Instant Fairness Facial Kit - 5x50gm

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Anherb is bringing instant fairness to you in just 5 simple steps with a facial kit that ensures a deep cleanse and glow for you. Cleansed, radiating skin in just one use. 

  • Enriched with the new bearberry formula
  • Goes 3 layers deep
  • Instant fairness in just one use
  • A  5-step instant fairness treatment
  • Bearberry: Well-known for having powerful skin lightening and brightening properties. Packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties, bearberry extract also prevents premature aging and improves your skin complexion.
  • Glycerine: It pulls moisture up from the lower levels of the skin (the dermis) to the upper levels (the epidermis), essentially allowing the skin to help moisturize itself.
  • Sunflower oil: Sunflower oil is a non-comedogenic carrier oil that is highly absorbent, and won’t clog pores. It’s non-irritating for most people and can be used on all types of skin, including dry, normal, oily, and acne-prone.
  • Almond oil: Almond oil may help protect the skin from sun damage and prevent stretch marks. It can be used in many ways, including as a moisturizer, massage oil, or makeup remover.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E oil is both a nutrient and an antioxidant that helps to rejuvenate your skin. 
  • Omega 3 ceramide: Omega-3s may increase your skin’s resistance to sunburns, and reduce the severity of skin redness after UV exposure.
  • Wash your face and pat dry
  • Apply the cleanser first
  • Next, apply the scrub
  • Gently apply the massage gel
  • Apply the massage cream and let it absorb
  • Apply the face pack evenly on the entire face.
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