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Olive Hair Shampoo-200ML + Hair Pack-200GM

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Olive Hair Shampoo (200ml)


Effective for: All hair types
Product Type: shampoo
Details: An Herbal Hair Shampoo Tailored to provide the right cleaning, conditioning & nourishing to all sort of hairs. It is rich in herbal extract. Which are reputed, documented and time tested for their beneficial effect on scalp and hair. Since it is well balanced, it suits types of hairs.

  • Amla : Source of Vitamin C,Strength & promotes Hair Growth.
  • Shikakai : Natural Hair Cleanser, Promotes Hair Growth.
  • Aloevera : Skin & Hair Moisturizer, soft, silky & shiny.
  • Neem : Anti Dandruff and anti fungal effect.
  • Olive : Improve Hair Strength and overall nourishment.

    Ingredients: Neem , Olive , Aloevera, Amla , Shikakai,
    How to use: Apply directly to wet hair. Lather & rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired.


    Hair Pack (200g)


    Effective for: All Hair types
    Product Type: Hair Pack
    Details: The ultimate power booster for hair and scalp.

    • Natural Hair Conditioners.
    • Adds volume and promote hair growth.
    • Henna, Amla, Shikakai, Neem & Harad,Vad Root
    • Henna: Natural Conditioner, adds Volume
    • Amla: Hair growth, Pigmentation, Hair loss
    • Shikakai: Cleanses the hair, Soft and Silky
    • Neem & Harad : Lends color to the hair
    • VadRoot : Hair Growing properties from ancient times


      Ingredients: Henna, Amla, Shikakai, Neem & Harad, Vad Root
      How to use: Empty the pack in an iron vessel, add water to make smooth paste & leave it overnight. Apply on hair & then wash it off with plain water.


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