A herbally oil-free, lightweight moisturizing gel to help you get rid of acne and excess oil. Get smooth skin and youthful radiance with Anherb’s new light-weight,gel-based series of skincare products for oily and acne-prone skin.

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Rediscover- Revitalize- Rejuvenate

Rediscover- Revitalize- Rejuvenate with the glow of Anherb. A brand that focuses on the goodness of nature for you and the perfection of science for your delightful beauty.

About Us

We, at Anherb,aim at blending two completely polar elements of nature and science to generate a recipe that is gentle and friendly, free of toxins, catering to both beauty and wellness of all.

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Long lasting freshness

Made with the richness of Olive & Milk Extracts, Natural Lady Hygiene Wash is very gentle and feels clean and refreshing after every use. It cleans thoroughly and the freshness lasts long. 🌼

Smoother longer hair

''I cannot begin to praise this Anherb Henna Cream Shampoo! The excessive hair loss had completely shattered me, I noticed a reduction in the hair fall plus my hair started looking fuller and felt smoother at the touch. Thank you Anherb!''

Perfect For My Skin

'' Amazing product! This Instant Fairness Body Lotion from Anherb has the perfect blend of herbal ingredients which gives your skin a radiant glow and makes it smooth and soft. It keeps the skin moisturized and beautiful all day long! I absolutely love it!''

Very lightweight

'' Ever since I began using Anherb Instant fairness cream, I have noticed visible changes. The dark spots on my cheeks have reduced and my skin also feels healthier and more glowing. It feels very light on my skin and I wear it every day underneath my makeup.''

Totally worth the price

'' Basically, for me, dandruff was a huge problem. I tried many shampoos and sought medical help to reduce dandruff but they didn't work. But with just one bottle of this shampoo which lasted approx. one month, there was considerable change and my hair also seemed silkier and healthier than before. ''