Choosing The Right Moisturiser For Oily Skin Type

Choosing The Right Moisturiser For Oily Skin Type

Picking the right moisturiser for any skin type is so important for healthy skin. A natural moisturiser is what most prefer. It is especially important for people with oily skin who often fail to find the right one that fits their skin type and in fact nourishes it.  

Using the wrong moisturiser for people with oily skin makes their faces feel either too dry or too greasy. Using the wrong moisturiser can also cause breakouts. This is why knowing your skin type and choosing the right products like moisturisers is very important. It is essential that you buy natural cosmetic products online that have natural ingredients with no side effects, just like Anherb.

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Why does oily skin need a moisturiser?

However, they should be avoided. Moisturiser myths, like oily skinned people, should choose only gel moisturisers, and avoid creams and oils. While some people believe that skipping moisturiser is okay if you have oily skin. This is NOT true. 

Oily skin also needs a moisturiser every day! Yes, this may seem like a futile idea, applying moisturiser on a skin that is already producing too much oil. But remember that oily skin can be dehydrated too. It also needs enough water to keep it supple. Choose herbal products for online shopping when you look for a moisturiser for oily skin.  

Another key reason why people with oily skin must use a moisturiser is to maintain the linoleic and oleic acid ratio. Studies have found, that applying linoleic acid can help balance the oil levels and even reduce breakouts. 

Tips for picking the right moisturiser for oily skin:

  • Choose an oil-free formula
  •  The best tip to keep in mind when moisturising oily skin is that you already have enough natural oils in your skin, and don’t want to add to it. Thus, pick a water-based, oil-free, formula or non-comedogenic products that hydrate your skin without clogging it. 

    Best Natural Skin Care Products in India

    • Go for the right ingredients

    The ingredients in your moisturiser play an important role in ensuring that excess oil production is controlled. You should look for ingredients like glycerine, niacinamide, salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid, as these work excellently to reduce inflammation, control sebum production and effectively hydrate oily skin.

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    • Look for ‘non-comedogenic’ moisturisers

    Blackheads and acne occur as a result of clogged pores. Using creamy moisturises and thick textured moisturisers, will clog your pores leading to acne, or worsening your existing acne problem. Hence, always pick products labelled ‘non-comedogenic’ as these are specifically formulated to reduce blockage of pores.

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