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Anherb Complete Mandarin Combo

5-in-1 advanced complete mandarin combo includes scrub, lotion, cleanser, and a rehydrating cream with olive hair shampoo. Combo is curated to make your skin look younger and healthier, while shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp. The combo is perfect to improve the texture, moisture, and elasticity of your skin and is an all-in-one solution to smoother hair.

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What's inside

Face Wash - Instant Fairness: A special face wash created especially to fight skin discolouration. Contrary to ordinary face washes, this composition works to lighten dark skin by reducing excessive melanin production and cleaning the skin of excess oil and grime.

Fairness Cream Jar: A unique, active fairness treatment that improves instant fairness. It works all day with the Vita-Olive Complex to clear blemishes and reveal a visibly fairer, even complexion with a matte finish.

Fairness Mask: It is formulated with an advanced fairness complex derived from natural plants that contains essential vitamins and active proteins. This unique kind of formula ensures instant fairness.

Skincare Treasure Box: A multipurpose utility storage organiser box. It is durable, aesthetically designed, and easy to use. Saves up a lot of space and is perfect to keep your skincare in one place.


• Retains natural moisture in the skin
• Removes excess oil & dirt
• Helps deep cleanse pollution and heat
• Brightens complexion
• Tones & rehydrates skin
• Prevents Skin Moisture
• Protects skin cells
• Relieves irritation
• Anti-aging properties
• Prevent acne
• Radiant skin
• Retains skin moisture
• Removes freckles, scars, acne, and age spots
• Shields cells from harm

Skincare Experts Since 95’

We at Anherb Natural believe in mastering the art of skin & hair care by using the power of cutting-edge science, technology & nature. With over 27 years of experience in the skincare sector, Anherb Natural is a quality-driven, premium brand that specialises in creating cutting-edge products that are distinctive but natural and give the benefits that are promised. 

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