A gentle yet powerful combination of milk enzymes and honey. Remove pollutants and microbes from skin. Deep cleansing of the skin along with improve complexion. Make skin smooth and re-hydrated. It removes impurities without stripping away natural oil. It has been very helpful for me for the dry winters. Read Full Article

Bhavya Nerchehal

From 1st application itself, I felt the difference. Under eye area definitely felt more hydrated. It's regular usage did reduce the darkness around my eyes and made them look more healthy and fresh. It worked on fine lines as well. Anherb Natural Under Eye Gel will work wonders for you when used over a regular period of time.Read Full Article

The natural ingredients in the product help to add healthy glow to my skin. Your skin will surely feel soft and very nourished. Make sure to refrigerate the gel for best results. Do buy this if you are looking for a good sunburn gel. This is definitely a safe and very effective product for sunburn. Read Full Article

Anherb Natural Body Lotion reminded me of this little story from my childhood because it has the same orangey-fruity scent. Application of lotion, cream becomes easy and is absorbed well in the skin. Lotion is neither greasy nor light. It glides well on skin and immediately absorbed. Read Full Article

Shilpa Bindlish

The Oatmeal scrub works against whiteheads very well due to Almond Shell Powder infused in the scrub. This scrub promises moisturized, problem free, youthful skin with a nourishing formulation, so it will be particularly useful during the cold winter months when skin tends to get dry and irritated. Read Full Article

The feminine wash comes in a plastic lavender and white bottle which is transparent. Anherb Natural Lady Hygiene Wash is a natural hygiene feminine wash which is a must have in every woman's kitty. It keeps the intimate area odour free and fresh and is ideal for all age groups. A must try in my opinion. Read Full Article