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Sandal & Saffron Face Wash - 100g

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Effective for: Dull Skin
Product Type: Face wash
  • Reduce Blemish
  • Skin Purification
  • Enhance Skin Brightness
  • Deep Cleansing

Anherb’s Sandal & Saffron Face Wash uses Pure Mysore Sandal and Rich Kashmiri Saffron blended with fresh Himalayan Spring Water known for its pure & pristine nature. This exotic blend acts as an elixir for dull skin while its impurity free nature is an excellent fit for sensitive skin.

Sandal Extract (Chandan): Sandalwood is known to aid in skin brightening, clear complexion and revitalize skin.

Saffron Extract (Kesar): This helps in improving skin texture, toning the skin, replenishing dull skin with essential nutrients and promote new cell growth for fresh and healthy skin.

Himalayan Spring Water: This spring water is filtered and purified by nature as it flows underground for decades together, resulting in one of the purest sources of fresh water on the planet.  It helps in creating a gentle base for the fusion of such exotic ingredients which is perfect for any sensitive skin


Directions: Work up a lather, avoiding area around the eyes. Rinse well & used pat dry. Use twice a day, especially after coming back from an external environment.

 Useful tip: For better results, finish the regimen by applying Anherb’s Sandal & Saffron Cream. Also use Anherb’s Instant Sandal & Saffron Scrub every 3-4 days for quicker results.

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