Does Herbal Shampoo Really Work For Stopping Dandruff?

Does Herbal Shampoo Really Work For Stopping Dandruff?

Herbal hair care products are often confused to be too mild to fight a stubborn problem like dandruff due to their mild ingredients. People often feel that clinically developed strong chemicals will fight the issue of dandruff better than the herbal anti dandruff shampoo. However it’s a complete myth as these herbs are in fact more potent in fighting dandruff and its related issues in a natural way, for long term, without damaging the scalp and hair health.

So what are these ingredients that you should actually look for in a herbal shampoo for dandruff, to be sure of its efficacy? We have made it easier for you to source the best product for your hair by listing down the most effective ingredients-

  • Lemon
  • Lemon juice is a natural astringent with an abundance of vitamin C, used to cleanse the scalp of excess oil and maintain its required pH balance to stop the growth of dandruff or any other scalp infection. Any hair product having lemon extract as an active ingredient is sure to fight and cure dandruff problems in a much better manner. 

  • Tea tree oil
  • Tea tree oil can help in minimising dandruff with its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. It has an active compound which reduces the growth of bacteria on the scalp. Additionally, being an oil it maintains the scalp and hair texture and health by nourishing it and reducing dryness and roughness. This makes it a popular choice for herbal anti dandruff shampoos.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Aloe vera extract is the most commonly used ingredient in hair and skin care products for its many benefits. Using aloe vera gel separately on hair and scalp offers healing properties like coolness and fights hairfall and dandruff by strengthening the roots and moisturising the scalp. Aloe Vera based shampoos effectively reduce itching and soreness of scalp caused by dandruff.

  • Neem
  •  The most loved herb for dandruff is an essential ingredient for most of the anti dandruff shampoos for its power to fight not only dandruff but also lice, fungal infection and scalp psoriasis. It has antiseptic qualities which also heals scalp wounds and prevents dandruff from coming back.

  • Rosemary
  • Rosemary has a combination of antifungal and decongestant properties which make it a perfect solution for dandruff and other scalp infections like fungus and excessive sebum production. Rosemary also comes in the form of an essential oil, which is why it is added to herbal shampoos to nourigh, condition and protect the scalp.

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