How to choose the best hand wash product for gentle care and protection?

How to choose the best hand wash product for gentle care and protection?

Hand Wash was a need even before the pandemic and now it has become a sheer necessity for good hygiene practices, and as a solution to stop the spread of virus. With more and more focus placed on the benefits of washing our hands more often than before, there’s a novel issue that everyone is facing, i.e. the after-effects of it in the form of dry and itchy palms.

The surge in consumption of liquid handwashes dramatically ramped up, causing more and more new companies to step into the market and make their profits. But here’s a catch. Not everyone is caring about the ingredients that go into these hand wash liquids, most of which are chemicals that are causing more skin problems and irritations. 

This makes it all the more important to choose a hand wash that not only ensures instant protection against germs but also provides natural moisturisation to your palms. The ultimate myth to be debunked is that harsher and stronger formulas will kill germs more effectively. They might be harsh on germs, but  they are harsher on your skin. Just like any other natural skin care products, even hand wash has been taken into mind by the industry experts while developing the ingredients, thereby offering herbal skin care through hand wash liquids.

Therefore, going for natural products with ingredients that do not harm your hands are a must to inculcate. You will get a variety of this herbal range in the market to choose from. However, there are certain pointers to keep in mind so that you can make sure that the herbal hand wash chosen by you solves the basic purposes of exterminating all types of germs, bacteria, viruses, dirt and grime from your hands, in addition to moisturizing and protecting your skin.  

Following are the requisites of a perfect hand wash:

Sweet smelling hands after wash

Herbal hand washes contain natural flower or fruit extracts as active ingredients giving a mild natural fragrance that is chemical free and leaves your senses calmed after washing your hands with it. Never go for a loud perfume-like smell, which is artificial but a soft and supple trail like rose, orange, lemon, etc.

Soft and moisturised skin post use

A hand wash should replenish the moisture on your skin. To solve this purpose look out for ingredients such as glycerin, vitamin E, shea butter, etc, present in herbal handwashes, to ensure they don’t scrape natural skin oil along with germs and dirt and renew moisture in the hands and condition the skin afterward.

Authentic certifications

Look out for certifications such as 100% organic, cruelty free, GMP, etc. to distinguish between certified and non-certified products. Do not be confused while selecting any product and try to understand the ingredients before making any decision.

Herbal actives

Natural ingredients like neem, tulsi, aloe vera, tea tree, and coconut extracts have antibacterial properties  as well as skin moisturising as protective properties. They are no way harsh on the skin and make your hands soft and supple irrespective of multiple washes.

pH balance

A balanced pH product is the main factor that will decide the appearance and texture of the skin. A herbal product always has a balanced ph formula stated in the product description. They protect your skin's natural defense against the bacteria and viruses.

SLS and Paraben free

Chemical ingredients found in most of the cosmetics include sodium laureth sulphate and other sulphates and parabens. A herbal skincare product is always free from these chemicals and one should look closely into the ingredients to make sure of this.

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