How to deep clean your face with the right scrubbing techniques?

How to deep clean your face with the right scrubbing techniques?

What is facial scrubbing and why is it important?

Ever tried facial scrubbing? If not, you are missing out on an important aspect of the skincare routine. Facial scrubbing or exfoliation can help you deep clean your face & get rid of dead skin and clear clogged pores which can prevent a number of skincare problems such as acne, breakouts etc.

Exfoliation will help you clear all the dirt and gunk that gets on your skin throughout the exhausting week, you can exfoliate your skin once or twice a week.

Every day our skin suffers a lot with the dirt, pollution and many other factors. Exfoliation helps in cleaning the pores of our skin in a way that rejuvenates the skin and provides a much needed glow. The dead skin cells on our skin get removed by exfoliation done in a proper way.

It can improve the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin and enables any skincare to work more efficiently and better. Environmental build up of pollutants and dirt will be cleared and make the skin look effortlessly beautiful. Not to forget, the skin needs gentle cleaning every once in a while.

7 simple steps of exfoliation

Start with washing your face, take any cleanser and wash your face with tap water. Some people might have problems with lukewarm water seasonally so cold water may help, it's important to clean your face thoroughly before exfoliation to protect the skin layer from external dirt and impurities.

Ready your face scrub if you use a homemade one but a scrub containing gentle products works great too.

Start massaging your face in circular motion with the scrub taking a generous amount of scrub in your hand.

Rinse your face with water appropriately so that no amount is left on your face. Pat dry your face, rubbing may cause irritation, try not using any harsh products on your face for a day.

Proceed with the skincare routine, or apply your favorite moisturizer for a glowing and squeaky clean face.


Types of face scrubs and benefits of using natural ingredients.

Physical exfoliants - physical exfoliants mainly contain ingredients extracted from nature such as walnuts, coffee, sugar etc. homemade face scrub recipes work wonders if chosen correctly for your skin type.

Chemical exfoliants - physical exfoliants contain active ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid or lactic acids. These scrubs work best on sensitive skin. Consultation from a dermatologist before using is a must.


Natural ingredients for face wash are less harsh and will not induce allergies or reactions. You can also use products made from natural ingredients to get the best out of your skin and take care of it in ways it may be beneficial for your skin.


The do’s and don'ts of facial scrubbing Facial scrubbing

cannot help you get rid of blackheads and acne, it could only help prevent them but cannot remove them.

It's not always necessary that only natural face scrubs can help you with exfoliation, sometimes they may be harsh on your skin and may cause irritation, so choosing the right scrub is the most important of all.

Scrubbing on a daily basis is not advisable at all, skin pores need to be cleaned but cleaning them frequently could open pores permanently that will ruin your skin in ways nothing else can.

Patch test on your skin before applying any scrub on your whole face could save you from a lot of trouble and sufferings, so keep it in mind whenever trying something new.

If you have acne, being a little more careful could be beneficial for you. Not all the products can be applied to acne skin as it could irritate your skin and cause redness.

Common misconceptions about facial scrubbing & how to avoid them

  • Exfoliating too much

Scrubbing too much can possibly damage your skin rather than cleaning or making it smoother. It can cause redness, irritation and tightness. It can feel scratchy after some time even after hydrating nicely. Dry and sensitive skin only needs exfoliation twice a week.

  • Using a body scrub

Every body part has different kinds of skin and needs to be cared for in different ways. Face has sensitive skin so using a body exfoliant will probably not work on it and may cause further complications if used anyways.

  • Sensitive skin does not need scrubbing

Scrubbing is important even for sensitive skin, it may be gentle but scrubbing weekly will help improve the wrinkles, fine lines on your skin. It allows moisturisers more effectively and skin glows from inside and gets rid of your skin concerns.