The essential guide to getting the most out of your makeup removal at night

The essential guide to getting the most out of your makeup removal at night

If I tell you that taking your makeup off at night before sleeping is important, then believe me I’m very very serious about it. When you sleep, skin makes new collagen which initially helps the skin to be plumper and finer, fine lines and wrinkles are eradicated in that method. Sleep repairs your skin and sleeping with makeup on can be barrier in that process so for maintaining a healthy looking skin it is very important that you remove all the makeup even if you have no energy for it. Sleeping with makeup on can do so much damage to your skin. I know it’s sometimes hard to get up from bed and clean makeup after a tiring day at work or partying but I’ll give you enough reasons to never do it ever again.

Why shouldn't you leave your makeup at night?

  • Not removing makeup before sleeping will lead to clogged pores and that will eventually lead to skincare brands in india


  • Your complexion will appear darker than it really skincare brands in india


  • Lack of collagen will make your skin look older and skincare brands in india


  • Skin will be scratchy and feel skincare brands in india


  • Sleeping with makeup on, the mascara and eye makeup can be a risk as it could lead to eye infection and skincare brands in india



7 tips to remove makeup at best 

Go slow, take your time 

Removing makeup should not be hurried, it should be slow but thorough to clean your face properly, apply makeup remover and let it sit for sometime to do the work its supposed to do while you do other house chores and read a book. This will soften the lip colour you have applied and the mascara or the eye liner for it to easily slip off your skin. If you wait enough you won’t find smudges under your eye the next morning and your makeup will leave no residue to clog.

Washing works better than makeup wipes

Makeup wipes may seem a blessing to you right now but the fact is it does not remove the makeup properly as soap and water would do. Using a face wash and washing your face thoroughly is what you should be doing for a good night's sleep. Using makeup wipes and then applying moisturizer will lead to clogged pores as it will push the makeup in the pores and lead to breakouts.

Using a makeup remover is better 

Makeup removers are made in a way that clean the harsh chemicals in makeup and get your skin clean and happy. All the harsh chemicals present in makeup don’t leave your skin very soon, it takes a stronger potion to clean them properly, so instead of using makeup wipes and directly washing your face with a face wash, it's better if you first remove it with a makeup remover and then go for washing and other skincare regime.

Edges of your eyes should be cleaned properly

The one thing we forget while cleaning makeup is cleaning our eyes and the edges of eyes thoroughly, the chances of you getting eye infections from the left out mascara are very high.

Take a cotton swab and clean your eye edges carefully to get a clean, no makeup face.

Cotton balls> cotton pads or cloth

Using a cotton ball can leave fibres on your skin and even lashes so instead of using a cotton ball, a cotton cloth with micellar water can be better for cleaning every bit of your makeup at best. It will soften the makeup which will make it a lot easier to remove makeup.

Cotton clothes wipe everything better than cotton balls and do not leave any residue behind.

Hairline is necessary to clean 

Applying makeup may seem easy but removing it is not everyone’s cup of tea, push your hair back or tie it tightly or use a headband for the same and them carefully clean your hairline as the makeup might be left in that area. Using a headband is a very good option as it will be less chaotic and make it easier to clean properly.

Moisturiser after cleaning up is necessary 

Always use moisturizer after you clean up your makeup, after removing makeup thoroughly your skin will be naked and can feel dry or tight so after removing all the makeup applying the moisturizer is something you should never forget.