The definitive guide to getting the most out of your exfoliation routine.

The definitive guide to getting the most out of your exfoliation routine.

What is exfoliation? How does it benefit your skin?

Removing dead skin cells by gently massaging it, can do wonders to your skin. Dead skin cells are there on your skin but that does not mean that they will shed timely, exfoliation helps in removing those dead skin cells from your skin and leave it glow and clean. Pores can sometimes get clogged and make your skin look dry and dull. It can either result in breaking out of your skin and other skin concerns. So it's important to scrub your skin every week or maybe twice a week. It also allows all the other products to absorb in the skin effectively which will make your skin look fresh and beautiful.

Take time to understand your skin before choosing which exfoliation product fits you best 

Every skin type requires different type of care, so choosing the right scrub may take some time but it should be something to keep in mind if you want to start a skincare regime and want it to work positively. 

Oily skin 

Fruit based scrubs work best for oily skin type, apricot scrubs specifically can work really good on oily skin as oily skin absorbs more dirt than any other skin type. Scrubbing can help people with oily skin get the glow they always wanted and also reduce the production of sebum, it changes the appearance of the skin in most amazing ways.

Dry skin 

Scrubbing once a week is enough, the scrubs having moisturising agents and creamy consistency are suitable for dry skin type. Homemade scrubs having milk or honey can also be good for the skin type as they help to get rid of dirt but along with that it prevents the essential oils to your skin.

Sensitive skin

Always do the patch test before using any new products, try the product on your elbow and use the product on your face only after 24 hours of the patch test. Products with no paraben and sulphate are advised that are non- comedogenic. If they have green tea, coffee extracts it's even better. products containing glycolic acid can do well and show amazing results.

Normal or combination skin

Scrubs that are gentle and do not play with the balance of your skin, walnut scrubs are a big no, papaya and coffee extracts work good and clean the skin as required and effectively. 

Physical exfoliator or chemical exfoliator? 

Physical exfoliators are the ones we have to use manually to get rid of the dirt and get a healthy glowing skin, they usually are like granules to clean the skin thoroughly and leave a clean surface on your skin, they work amazingly and can make your skin beautiful if used correctly.

Chemical exfoliators on the other hand are made of acidic formations, they help the skin to peel on its own, improve cell formation and reduce the signs of ageing to make the skin look beautiful and healthy.