Things to look for when searching for the best face wash

Things to look for when searching for the best face wash

Gone are the days when people used just any everyday soap for both face and body, as they have realised the adverse effects that its harshness can bring to the delicate facial skin. Our skincare routine is much more specific now and a face wash has become an indispensable element of it; the very first product on our skin we start our mornings with. 

Today, a face wash isn’t just expected to remove dirt, bacteria, oil or sweat but also to restore the skin to its original texture and beauty. With this requirement in demand, the market got flooded with herds of products making it difficult to pick the right one.

However, the awareness and advancement in the cosmetic sector has highlighted the basic key points to look for when buying a suitable face wash, which make it an unproblematic approach to select the right product for your skin. These include:

Your skin type 

Assessing your skin type is undoubtedly the foremost thing to do, without which you cannot take even a step further. Your skin type is easily felt by you throughout, so knowing and describing it isn’t a hassle at all. The skin types are broadly classified into dry, oily, combination and sensitive. To know which category your skin falls into, will largely affect your decision making. Also looking for the skin type mentioned on any particular face wash is the easiest way to check its compatibility with your requirements. A dry skin, already dealing with the problem of flakiness, requires a gentle and moisturising cleanser to maintain a soft texture, while an oily skin asks for ingredients that reduce and balance the oil production. Choosing a wrong product which caters to a skin type different than yours can seriously impact the skin even further. 


Product Ingredients

Now that you are sorted with your skin type, the next essential step is to scan the ingredients of the facewash you choose. Though the ingredients will differ according to skin type, the crucial factor that remains in all is that the product should be free from harsh chemical based ingredients. The ill effects of certain chemicals found mostly in cosmetics, have brought the attention of the consumer towards such ingredients namely sulphates, parabens and alcohol formulations. A lot of people are shifting towards an organic and herbal face wash to overcome this issue, but watch out as many listed herbal products are not really herbal. Therefore a thorough understanding of the composition is necessary to avoid any damage to your skin in the long run. Always go for natural plant based ingredients, which not only solve the basic skin issues but also leave a positive effect on its health.

Product fragrance

We all get drawn towards fragrances that are strong and exotic and sometimes it becomes the deciding factor of our purchase. But, as much as you like these smells, they will do more harm than good to your skin. A strong fragrance is most likely to be developed with chemicals as the natural ingredients will always have a milder fragrance. So next time you buy a face wash, control your urge to buy a strongly scented one and go for products with milder to moderate fragrance as they tend to be authentically natural and hypoallergenic.

Basic Formulation

Whether a face wash is gel based or cream based is also of considerable importance while buying the best suitable one. This again depends on your skin type as well as the feeling it leaves on the facial skin when it is washed off. A face wash should be free from a very complex formulation which includes loads of preservatives and a texture which makes the skin too tight or itchy after being applied on.

Online and offline reviews

Internet and verbal reviews are always our reliable source of the authenticity and effectiveness of any product. However, this is very subjective as the same product experience may be different for different users. But their dependability can not be completely ignored as they help us in making the right choice. Always go for both online and personal reviews from friends and relatives before reaching the decisive point.

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