Here’s why a Herbal Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is the best choice for your hair

Here’s why a Herbal Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is the best choice for your hair

Our Hair is an integral part of our personality that can make or mar our overall appearance. While most of us are blessed to be born with healthy hair, we tend to lose their lustre and strength over time with the use of harsh shampoos and products that damage our scalp and hair health. Having long and lustrous hair is a dream for everyone and to make it true, immense care with  good hair products is the prerequisite. 


The rising pollution levels have left a compulsive irritant on our scalp named dandruff, which has become an all season nuisance. Since dandruff is caused by both extreme conditions of dryness and oiliness, we are usually picky about the best oil to apply to overcome this issue. However, we miss out on the point that washing our hair with the right shampoo is as vital as oiling them. Choosing a random anti-dandruff shampoo makes the situation worse, if not anything else. The consequent effects may show up in the form of hair loss, split ends, rough texture and not to mention the stubborn dandruff that remains.


All these consequences of chemically formulated shampoos have drawn curiosity towards the use of herbal anti-dandruff shampoos. Herbal products have existed for quite some time but people still seem reluctant to switch their choices, though the future seems bright. When it comes to solving an obstinate issue like dandruff, most of us still believe in the traditional strong chemicals, deeming them to be more effective and quick. 


However hair experts strongly recommend using a herbal alternative to the harsh anti-dandruff shampoos in the market.These recommendations are backed by studies and trials that prove the potency of the herbal shampoos. Following are the top reasons why a herbal Anti Dandruff Shampoo is recommended: 


Herbal components

The primary reason for shifting towards a herbal shampoo is its composition, free from any harmful chemicals which may damage our hair or scalp. A herbal formulation mainly consists of plant based extracts as active ingredients which make it a preferable choice. However it is essential to look closely at the other ingredients too, to differentiate a genuine herbal product from a non-genuine one.


Safe and long term reduction of dandruff

The active ingredients in most herbal anti-dandruff shampoos include neem, tea tree, lemon, amla, etc. which not only cleanse the scalp and hair of dandruff but also act as an anti-infection agent, solving various other scalp problems such as flakiness and hairfall. Such treatments are safe as well as effective for a long duration, eliminating the complaint of dandruff reversal associated with short term use of over the counter shampoos. 


Thicker and stronger hair

When the dandruff issue is resolved, the amount of hair fall naturally reduces and the roots become strengthened making the appearance of hair more thicker and stronger. Shampoos containing Amla as an active ingredient acome with added benefits of vitamin C and antioxidants which improve the hair quality and natural pigmentation.


Reduce damage to hair

Herbal shampoos are your go-to option if you seek to minimise the damage caused by a hair product to your strands and its roots. Herbal shampoos do their job in a natural way, without negatively claiming the shine and quality of your hair.


Promote hair growth

Herbal shampoos come with an added advantage of promoting hair growth apart from solving the dandruff trouble. This benefit is hugely missing in chemical shampoos who address just a single issue in hand, rather than curing the root cause of it. The herbal ingredients in these shampoos strengthen the roots and trigger the follicles to produce new hair naturally.


Add back moisture of the hair 

While the strong chemicals such as sulphates strip your scalp of the natural oils, herbal ingredients maintain the moisture and recommended PH level of the scalp.  Lack of moisture leads to dry and rough texture and to counter these woes a herbal shampoo is the best solution. Using these shampoos infused with minerals and natural oils, helps to lock the moisture content in hair.


These reasons are big enough to consider what we really want in terms of our hair care routine. After all, having healthy hair is a lifelong desire.