Benefits of Adding Body Lotion to Your Daily Skincare Regimen

Benefits of Adding Body Lotion to Your Daily Skincare Regimen

When it comes to skincare regimen, the talk is mostly generated on facial skincare. Almost every brand in the online and offline business highlights skincare products that cater the beauty needs of our facial skin, snatching away the spotlight from our body skin. For most people, body skincare isn’t even a part of their beauty regimen due to sheer ignorance of the fact that our body’s skin is going through the same changes as our face. Infact, the skin on parts other than face, including specifically our bare hands and legs, can degenerate at a faster rate if not taken care of.

Simply stated, your body skin needs pampering too and applying a daily lotion is one of the most inexpensive ways of treating our body nicely. But how many of us actually invest in a good body lotion to protect our delicate skin? Very few! 

We humans are the most busy creatures on Earth who easily get away with the tag of “No time”, or shun it as something unimportant, when it hardly requires 5 minutes to indulge in a simple moisturising routine. But, the following outlined benefits of a skin lotion, are sure to change your mind.

  • Replenishing moisture to the dry skin
  • No matter which soap or body wash you use, your skin loses a certain amount of its natural oils everyday with a bath. Those natural oils provide the much needed moisture to the skin, but after washing them off, it becomes necessary to use a body lotion to seal back that moisture to prevent dryness. A quality body lotion can work wonders on a dehydrated and scaly skin, especially for people with naturally dry and sensitive skin or those who live in climates that make the skin dull and attractive. Applying a lotion daily after a shower locks the moisture and maintains a smooth texture and look.  

  • Rehydrating the roughest spots on the body
  • Irrespective of the natural skin type (normal, oily or dry), there are specific areas on our body that are always moisture hungry. These rough spots include elbows, knees, heels, toes, palms, etc. that require special attention to avoid painful calluses, cracking and chapping. Applying a lotion on these areas after a bath, at bedtime or both is highly recommended as per the body needs, to ease the roughness and give a silky smooth touch. 

  • Lifting the mood with a natural scent
  • Barring the artificial harmful ones, naturally developed fragrances of lavender, rose, orange, etc. can immediately relax your body as well as mind when they are mixed with your daily lotion. Massaging relaxes the body and relieves the daily stress while a nice fragrance calms the senses. Always go for herbal options that contain a light and natural scent for an instant calming and soothing feel. 

  • Preventing wrinkles and age spots
  • As said earlier, our body goes through the same changes as our facial skin, which means signs of aging are as evident on our body parts as on the face. With time, the skin on our hands and feet become the first one to visibly show wrinkles, spots and other signs of aging. Starting earlier in life with a daily moisturizer helps reap the benefits in the later stages. Dryness is the foremost reason for wrinkles to form which is why even a young skin appears wrinkled during winters. A regular application and massage of lotion removes dryness and tightens the muscles to make the skin look younger and soft. 

  • Adding an overall glow to the skin
  • Lotions not just moisturise but also add glow to your skin. Certain natural ingredients and addition of essential vitamins like vitamin A, C and E help brighten and give a natural sheen to the body skin. These vitamins rejuvenate the skin from inside removing dead skin cells and appearance of dark spots and dullness.A good lotion can potentially reverse the damage caused to the skin by exposure to sun and environmental pollutants.

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