SunScreen - Choose the Best One For Your Skin Type

SunScreen - Choose the Best One For Your Skin Type

Some scientifically proven yet traditional hacks to keeping our skin protected and healthy include, washing it every morning and before bed, moisturizing, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. What is missing here is the notion of applying a sunscreen everyday, be it any day of any season.

The tradition of wearing sunscreen and its effectiveness dates back to ancient Egypt. Rice bran extract and jasmine were used as sun shields. The first commercial sunscreen was invented by Chemists back in the year 1936. This clearly highlights how the sun could be damaging to the skin and why it is important to shield it every day. To understand the importance of making sunscreen a part of your daily skin application, here are a few reasons:

  1. An excellent protection against the UV rays of the sun
    The rapid rate at which the ozone layer is being depleted has also increased the entry of the harmful rays of the sun thereby causing sunburns and hazardous skin related diseases like skin cancer. Sun screens that are with SPF above 30 are recommended for everyday use to stay protected.
  2. Prevents premature aging of the skin
    The harmful UV rays and exposure to the sun for extended hours without any protection causes photo-aging of the skin, which makes the skin look saggy and thick with hints of discoloration, contributing to lines and wrinkles. Research has proven that people below age 55 who apply sunscreen regularly have 24% less chance of developing these signs.
  3. Prevents premature aging of the skin
    Maintains an even skin tone Sunscreen prevents tanning and discoloration of the skin, thereby giving a smooth and even toned skin.
  4. Prevents premature aging of the skin
    Decreased risk of Skin Cancer The most important of prioritizing wearing sunscreen should be its prevention and protection from developing skin cancer. It is important to protect the skin against melanoma, the deadliest of skin cancer. Applying it daily no matter the weather is very crucial.

Knowing the importance of wearing a sun screen is only the initial stage to skin protection, finding that perfect sunscreen with all the right features that also suits your skin, is where the actual quest begins.
For any skin product, be it a moisturizer, cleanser or toner, natural products are safer and more effective. Same goes for sunscreen. A natural sunscreen with natural ingredients and extracts are gentler on your skin.

Does SPF affect the effectiveness of a SunScreen?

There is no specific rating for UVA protection. Sun protection factor (SPF) represents how well the sun screen protects the skin against the harmful UVB rays. Sun screens with higher SPF like 100 sounds great as they block 99% of the harmful rays, tempting people to stay too long exposed to the sun, while reapplying a sunscreen with a lower SPF would also provide the same protection. However to avoid the hassle of reapplication, it is suggested that we use sunscreens that are SPF 30 or higher. Properly applying and reapplying your sunscreen is more important than a higher SPF!

With so much information about the benefits of using a sunscreen, here are ways to adopt in choosing a sunscreen best suited for you:

  1. For dry skin- Choose a sunscreen with moisturizing elements that keeps the skin hydrated. A cream or lotion based sunscreen with SPF between 30-50 should work perfectly for dry skin.
  2. For oily skin- Since the skin is naturally oily and greasy so a sunscreen that is light-weight and has a matte finish is the best choice. Using a heavy or greasy sunscreen can clog your pores.
  3. For sensitive skin – People with sensitive skin should most definitely stick to natural sun screens with mild ingredients that do not have any major side effects on the skin.
  4. For normal skin- Those who are blessed with a normal skin type can go for any sunscreen that suits them and gives them an even tone.

Don’t tamper with sun screen as it can hamper the skin

Sunscreen should be an unavoidable step in your skincare routine. Choose a product that suits your skin perfectly and offers adequate sun protection. Anherb has a range of sunscreen products that tick all the checkboxes when it comes to a natural sunscreen backed by scientific research that provides the best results. So many ranges and ingredients to choose from according to you and your skin’s linking. Go natural for a naturally looking, well protected and healthy skin.