Things You Should Look For When Searching For the Best Face Wash

Things You Should Look For When Searching For the Best Face Wash

One of the most basic things that you do as soon as you wake up in the morning is brushing and washing your face to freshen up. This part of washing our face is essential and most crucial when it comes to providing our skin, which is the most exposed, with the right ingredients to keep it fresh and glowing all day long. What you use to cleanse your face, determines if the makeup glides or cakes up, brightens or dulls the skin and gives a healthy glow rather than cause breakouts. It does become difficult to listen to your skin and give it exactly what it wants. Finding the perfect face wash for your skin can be a game changer. No more fussing over bad or unhappy skin anymore!

Here are a few things to consider before buying a face wash best suited for you:

  1.     Identify your skin type

Before you go out to buy a face wash for yourself or decide on looking for one online, it’s very important to do your research and find out what your skin-type is. Buying a product that does not suit your skin type will only result in irritation and may even cause breakouts.

Below we have listed down the different skin types:

  •         Normal- This type of skin has a balance between dry and oily skin.
  •         Oily- Oily skin people will complain about greasiness even after washing it.
  •         Dry- Dry skin appears flaky and is devoid of moisture and oil.
  •         Combination- There isn’t a universal definition to a combination skin type, it like the name suggests can be dry and oily depending upon the season or the location.


  1.     Natural is the way to go for a naturally healthy skin

While choosing a face wash, going through the ingredients thoroughly is very important, as some of them can irritate the skin. Usually go for products that are sulphate-free and rich in natural extracts like papaya and aloe vera that are gentle on the skin. Herbal or organic products are the best when it comes to choosing something natural for the skin. Chemically processed synthetic ingredients deprive the skin of its moisture content and dries out the skin excessively.

  1.     Fragrance-free face wash

Buying products that are too strong can have a damaging impact on your skin. Going for fragrance free products are especially ideal for people with sensitive skin. As such products provide all the benefits of a regular face wash but minus the harm. Face wash and cleansers usually have strong chemicals in them to make them smell good, however stay on the safer side by choosing what is natural. Avoid purchasing products that are soap-based or contain alkaline like properties as they leave your skin very dry.

  1.     Face wash with exfoliating ingredients

Taking care of your face, by giving it a healthy skin care routine is important as they are what leaves a lasting impression on people and gives you that well deserved confidence. Look for a face wash with exfoliating ingredients like micro beads or peach pits. Regular use of such face wash increases blood circulation and removes dry and dead skin cells, giving a smoother and healthier looking skin.


  1.       Do your research

There is nothing that we cannot prepare ourselves for in this day and age. Same tactic can be applied while looking for that face wash perfect for you. There are endless products available online along with multiple reviews and feedback.  Begin by checking the website of the brand and dig out more information from personal blogs and review videos.

Doing your research the right way on the right platforms can help you find or decide on a product that is best suited for you!


  1.       Keep a Skin Journal

With so many products and brands to choose from, making your decision can be rather confusing and quite difficult. Keeping a track of what products you did use in the past and what worked and what didn’t can also be equally mind boggling. To help you on your hunt of finding the best face wash for yourself, keeping a log of all the products used and for how long will definitely help you determine what is working and what isn’t. You will be able to make precise comparisons when going through your notes on how each product worked on you.

  1.       Seek Counsel

Ask around and ask your friends with a good skin care regime as to what works for them. Get a head start in your selection process by learning from all the ‘’research’’ that has been conducted by your peers. However, here it’s important to remember that different people have different skin types and what worked for them may not end up working for you so it’s important to stay alert and use your knowledge about skin care before blindly following somebody else’s.


Knowledge is your power to finding what’s best for you


With the help of this article, give your skin the best cleansing treatment by finding the best face wash that is organic, natural, hydrating and most importantly helps you achieve your skin goals. It is your skin and it is up to you to ensure what you have chosen, after following our guide, works out well. Pay attention to how you react to the product and also make sure you give enough transition time to your skin.

The good news is, trying and testing out products that are skin-friendly and completely free of any chemical substances, enriched with natural extracts is exactly what Anherb stands for. Our products aim at giving you that well deserved skin you have been craving for, effortlessly.