Top 5 reasons to use milk and honey for a glowing skin

Top 5 reasons to use milk and honey for a glowing skin

Both milk and honey have been used for skin care since ancient times, for their therapeutic effects on the skin. Though having their own respective advantages, they are often used in a combination for a double dose of glow and health to the skin. 

Most of us must have incorporated these in our regimen sometime in our lives, either by realizing their potential benefits or on the advice of others. Whatever the reason be, we definitely can’t deny the amazingness of using Milk and honey for a young, clear and radiant look. 

If you aren’t really aware of these properties, here are the top 5 reasons why they are worth a try.

1. For a deeply moisturised skin

People dealing with a dry to extremely dry skin texture know the pain of it more than those with normal to oily texture. Anyhow, moisturising is a must for every skin type and both milk and honey can work wonders for a flaky, itchy and irritated dry skin, The lactic acid and the naturally present cream in the milk make it an excellent moisturizer, while Honey being a natural humectant binds the moisture in your skin to keep it soft and moisturized. These reasons, amongst all others, make them the favourite ingredients for a face cream.

2. For Cleansing and brightening

Raw milk should be your go to cleanser for a squeaky clean skin with a bright complexion. Milk extracts are commonly incorporated into a face whitening cream for its skin brightening properties, which decrease melanin effect without doing any harm to the natural tone.

3. To Fight signs of aging

Milk and honey are a powerful combination for improving skin appearance by fighting visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Milk makes the skin firm and smooth in appearance with its mild exfoliating effect, while honey tightens the skin and makes it look younger, healthier and supple. 

4. To Heal Wounds and reduce scars

Honey’s antimicrobial properties help to effectively heal the skin’s wounds caused by injuries, acne breakout, pimples or any other abrasions, without leaving any stubborn scars as it is known to increase healing and tissue regeneration. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of honey lighten the skin and decrease the appearance of scars.

5. To Treats Acne and imbalance

Honey helps to regulate skin’s pH levels which is crucial to prevent breakouts and rashes. An imbalance in pH level can lead to irritation and growth of acne causing bacteria. Honey inhibits this by cleansing and absorbing impurities from the skin's pores, leaving it smooth and clean. Its natural antiseptic property fights acne effectively. 

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