Fight the 4 Signs of Aging the Herbal Way

Fight the 4 Signs of Aging the Herbal Way

They say aging is a natural process and should be embraced gracefully. While you might accept the experiences and maturity that comes with age, it’s far more easily said than done for the physically visible signs it brings to your skin. Surely nobody wants to look their age and that too when the environmental factors in today’s times are setting in signs of premature aging, much before they should actually start off. 

So getting rid of these signs and getting the youthful skin back, requires a dedicated investment in skincare products that actually address and solve these issues. Just like a balanced diet contains a variety of foods rather than just a single source, for an internally healthy body and skincare; our skin’s external care also requires a mix of many ingredients rather than just one.

Our skin needs an abundant feed of beneficial ingredients such as omega fatty acids, ceramides, peptides, essential extracts and many other skin-natural ingredients to look young and healthy by fighting the top 4 signs of aging: Wrinkles, Fine lines, Dark spots and Pigmentation.

There’s nothing better than a herbal anti-aging cream to start with, but containing the right ingredients is what makes it a “best anti-aging cream.” So what are those ingredients that one should watch out for? We are here to give you that answer by listing the most effective ones:

  • Omega-3 

The omega-3 fatty acids aren’t just good to be consumed in diet, but also equally amazing to be used in topical products. They are proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, in addition to protecting the skin from environmental damage and sensitivity. They regulate the oil production in skin to prevent an excess oily or dry texture.

  • Ceramides

Ceramides are waxy lipid molecules, mostly composed of fatty acids like omega-3 which not only get rid of wrinkles but also make the skin firm and resilient. They strengthen the skin’s natural barrier to prevent inflammation and acne, and help in self renewal of cells.

  • Peptides

Natural peptide extracts are amino acid chains which are beneficial for maintaining firmness and natural skin tone. They reverse fine lines, age spots and sagging problems due to loss of elasticity. They restore the skin proteins and give it a naturally young and radiant appearance.

  • Olive oil

Used abundantly as a massage oil, Olive oil is a natural antioxidant that prevents premature signs of aging and reduces unevenness caused by skin pigmentation. It also has antibacterial and moisturizing effects due to the presence of Vitamin E which is the most known skin friendly ingredient.

  • Vitamin E 

Apart from being found in various food sources, Vitamin E is an independently occurring natural extract which is a commonly found ingredient in almost all skincare products for its moisturising properties. But its benefits don’t end here as it helps to lighten dark spots caused by UV damage, and reduces acne scars which make the skin look dull and lack-lustre.

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